Adding A Cover Page To Accelerate Your Search

Wouldn’t you like to stand out amongst your competition with a well-written cover letter that will grab the attention of a prospective employer and enrich your overall package presentation?

You may be asking yourself – should I have a cover letter?  The answer to this often asked question is ABSOLUTELY!  According to business studies, about 40% of employers want to see a cover letter along with your resume.  However, you don’t know if this will be the one who wants to see that all important cover page.

Think of a Cover Letter as a Warm Greeting

When a resume is presented solo, there is no formal introduction to the applicant.  A well-executed cover letter is a way to officially and professionally introduce yourself on paper.  Think of it as the glue that holds the paper presentation together.  Take this opportunity to let prospective employers know that you mean business and that you are prepared to do a good job.

Ensure the Hiring Manager will Read it!

Place your cover letter in the forefront of our application package – both on-line and in person.  Employers welcome the opportunity to read a well-written cover letter.  This is their 1st introduction to who you are as a professional.  It will introduce you as a viable applicant, target you directly to the position for which you are applying, entice them to want to read your resume and portray you as the type of individual who is detailed, cares about the job at hand, and an individual who goes that extra mile to GET THE JOB DONE.

Complete your Package Presentation

The package you present should be a well-planned and well-executed marketing tool.  It should act as an introduction to your story and engage the reader.  Your cover letter will become an integral part of your marketing campaign and promote you as the type of individual they are looking for.  If done correctly, it will place your job application at the top of the pile.

Set yourself Apart from your Competition

It’s a tough market out there and this is your opportunity to shine.  A cover letter should work hard to entice the reader and place you above your competition.  It should highlight you as an individual who strives for thoroughness and who will be motivated to demonstrate an outstanding performance.  It should show you have taken the time to present a complete package and that you have prepared a well-written document.  When I worked in the ‘corporate world’ I always said “If an applicant cares about his/her 1st impression, they will also care about the job?”

A Well-Written Resume

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Job Search

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Prepare For Your Career Path

With vacation season coming to an end and the fall months just around the corner, it’s time to place emphasis on a solid career path.  One of the 1st steps to finding the job that is right for you, is a well-prepared, well-written resume.  Contact us today to discuss how our services can benefit you. Continue Reading