Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing Service in New Jersey

CUR-RIC-U-LUM VITAE – Why do I need a CV rather than a resume?

A curriculum vitae is a detailed account of an individual’s career, education, qualifications of previous and present experience.


Preferably applicants for fellowships, applicants with multiple academic achievements, individuals with a science, pharmaceutical or medical background or job seekers in the educational field can also benefit from a CV rather than a resume.

Curriculum Vitae’s are typically longer than resumes and can range from 3 to over 25 pages and up.  There is no ruling as to how long a CV should be.  CVs for mid to executive level candidates who have numerous publications tend to run much longer.

I am an expert at layout, design and content, as well as key wording for an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

With more and more competition, human resource representatives are receiving in excess of 250 CVs for one job posting.  They can only afford to spend seconds reviewing your CV.  Up to 90% are not even read. Hiring managers become overwhelmed.  Mid-sized companies to larger corporations are relying on ATS Systems to review your CV.

I will ensure that your CV attracts the attention of an ATS System the human resources professional, the hiring manager and that your CV gets read.


ATS systems search for key words.  I am experienced at ensuring the necessary key words appear in your CV.  This increases your chances of landing that all important interview.

I will prepare a CV that ends up at the top of the pile, that it will get noticed and that it will set you part from your competition.