How To Prepare For a Competitive Job Search

As the fall months are just around the corner more and more individuals are thinking about preparing for that exhausting and time-consuming job search.  Why make searching for a new job such a chore?  Approach your job search with a positive attitude and turn your chore into an exciting new project.

STEP #1:  Have a well-written and eye-catching resume.

Most employers take 1 to 3 minutes to review a resume.  If they don’t see the key words they are looking for within the 1st 30 seconds, your resume may end up in the circular file under their desk.

A professionally written resume can make the difference between an okay salary and a high paying position.  When your resume is all a prospective employer has to make that all important decision of whether or not they should call you in for an interview, you only want to portray an exceptional document.  This is your 1st impression – make it an outstanding one!

STEP #2:  A cover letter introduces you as a viable candidate, presents your package in a professional manner and sets you aside from your competition.  This document will open the door for a great 1st impression and can make the difference from landing or not landing the interview.  A well written cover letter should contain at least 3 short paragraphs – the introduction, your qualifications and a closing paragraph.

STEP #3:  Know what industries you are interested in applying to.  For example:  pharmaceutical, retail, sales, etc.  Have a strong understanding of your background, accomplishments and strengths.  You should only apply to positions you are qualified for.  The competition is stiff enough without attempting to wean in on candidates who already possess the education and/or background for a position you are trying for.

STEP #4:  Gather together the web addresses of the job boards you are considering posting your resume on.  For example:  The job boards will only post jobs for companies that have openings.  Apply to at least 3 jobs per day by filling out the electronic applications and forwarding your resume and cover letter via a job board application.  Looking for a job is a job, and therefore, requires at least 4 hours of your time a day.

STEP #5:  Maintain a list of all the jobs you have applied for, so you don’t apply to the same job positions over and over again.

STEP #6:  Now just sit back and wait for the telephone to begin ringing or for those emails to start rolling in.

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