Cover Letter Writing Services

You have more than likely asked yourself – why do I need a cover letter if I have a dynamite resume?

The answer is simple:  If written properly – YOU WILL STAND OUT AMONG THE PACK!

I am an expert writer with the ability to write a cover letter that will set you apart from other job seekers.  The competition is tough out there, so anything you can do to stand out, is gravy on your plate.  The cover letter I will write for you will complete your package, show thoroughness and talent, and represent you as the professional you are.  I will tailor the letter to your background and experiences and portray you as that qualified candidate directed toward the job you are applying for.

Your Cover Letter is a Valuable Tool 

When trying to land that all important interview, a concise cover letter is one of the best tools you can have in your portfolio.  It puts the opportunity to land that interview largely in your hands.  It sets you aside from your competition. I will ensure that your ONLY chance to impress your perspective employer is a positive one.

Your letter needs to be ERROR FREE – NO SPELLING ERRORS!

Sell Yourself

Selling yourself isn’t always easy.  I will ensure your cover letter says why you should be hired over someone else and convince the hiring manager you have the necessary skills they are looking for in a professional and convincing manner.  This is your opportunity to include important content that was not discussed in your resume.

Looking Sharp

1st impressions count!  You need to ensure that your cover letter looks impressive.  I am an expert formatting professional.  The appearance and content of your letter will be an eye-catching experience.  Your reader will want to meet you simply based on the appearance of your document.  So get busy and give me a call so that we can start the job search process with a professionally written cover letter that will impress the hiring manager and complete your package.